Unsniffed Potential: Podcast




In this episode of Lab Leaders Faye Hawkins speaks to eminent neuroscientist Dr. Andy Myers, Director at Walnut UNLIMITED, about the power of scent and how smell can make a difference for brands. Andy has a wealth of experience in how we can use our senses to trigger emotions and we often hear about how neuroscience can be applied to marketing from a visual perspective.


Rarely do we consider smell and how it can be used in our campaigns. Faye and Andy talk in depth about why scent is so important, how it can be applied to your brand and some of most interesting ways other brands have incorporated it into their marketing.


To get more depth into the power and role of scent for your brands from our neuroscientist, email Dr Andy Myers at Andy.Myers@walnutunlimited.com. As always you can contact our host, Faye Hawkins, Chief Revenue Officer at UNLIMITED at Faye.Hawkins@unlimitedgroup.com.