UNLIMITED launches LUCA, the AI-powered digital insights platform

the AI-powered digital insights platform for deeper human understanding

UNLIMITED, the insight-driven, tech-enabled, integrated agency group has today unveiled, LUCA (aptly named after Luca, the ‘bringer of light’) – an innovative human insights platform that automates the gathering and analysis of digital data sources to deliver actionable human understanding for brands.

Developed as part of UNLIMITED’s Human Understanding Lab, LUCA addresses the need for brands to tap into emotional context, gathering insights quickly and efficiently to support fast decision-making and responsiveness to market opportunity.

The proprietary LUCA platform is AI-powered which reduces the need for teams to manually research, gather, combine, and analyse digital inputs to deliver insights back to the business.

Consistent with UNLIMITED’s mission of creating business advantage for clients through insight and activation, LUCA has an ecosystem of capabilities including Trend Analysis, Content Intelligence and Customer sentiment Tracking, that support clients with delivering Human Understanding and increasing emotional resonance in marketing activations.

The roadmap for the LUCA platform will bring further applications to brands, helping to automate and speed up their access to deeper human insights, including – a Cultural Analysis tool that identifies cultural gaps between brands and consumers; Video Movement Analysis which compares competitor brand product placement in video content; and Influencer Mapping to find and analyse influencers and their associated impact for the brand.

Developed by UNLIMITED’s 120-strong community of neuro, behavioural and data scientists, LUCA uses a combination of rich, first-party demographic data alongside contextual targeting information, allowing brands and users to retarget consumers based on their data footprint, including (but not limited to) opinions, preferences, and emotions.


John Cunningham CTO at UNLIMITED, “LUCA is already driving game-changing impact – both internally and for clients. To unlock real value and ensure content and comms strategies are effective, you need to identify the right people in your target audience and understand the emotional hooks, topics, themes, and content they’re actively discussing, what genuinely moves and resonates with them, and who are the most influential individuals and organisations relevant to their business. LUCA is particularly effective because it has been customised and developed by our Human Understanding Lab scientists in neuro, behavioural and data. It democratises access to insights for all our people in a seamless and easy-to-use platform. It’s a definitive milestone on our journey to help brands deliver more accurate analysis, conversion and ROI for our clients.”