The Future of Social Media: Podcast


The Future of Social Media: creating a futureproof strategy for social success


Social media is a powerful tool, and many brands across both B2C and B2B have embraced this modern phenomenon. But not every brand has a solid, future-forward social strategy. This means they risk falling behind the times.


Just like the algorithms that dictate the success of the content that circulates on these channels, the rules of engagement with these platforms are constantly changing: how audiences engage with and share content and how creativity is perceived and appreciated. Not to mention, with new and unique platforms emerging all the time, it has never been more crucial to keep up with social media.


The next guest on our Lab Leaders podcast is Liv Wedderburn, social media lead from TMW UNLIMITED. We discuss the changing landscape of social media, how best to plan ahead and why human understanding can help produce a social strategy that stands the test of time.


Get in touch with Liv to discuss the everchanging landscape of social media and, more importantly, how we can help you futureproof your strategy via Or reach out to our host, Faye Hawkins, at