The ‘S’ Word: Podcast


The ‘S’ Word: the pursuit of sustainability in brand marketing and comms

In our latest instalment of the Lab Leaders podcast, our host Faye Hawkins welcomes Dr. Cristina de Balanzo, Board Director at Walnut UNLIMITED, and Andreea Tarasescu, Research Director at Walnut. Together, they attempt to explore the tension building around the communication of brands’ sustainability narratives – highlighting the benefits of a positive, human-led approach.


With potential accusations of ‘greenwashing’ akin to a sword hanging over their heads, what nudges and techniques can brands apply to reduce the risk of making reputation-damaging mistakes? Tune in as our Lab Leaders discuss this and more. Don’t have 20 mins to get the full low down? Read the blog version here.


If you’d like more guidance on how to manage your company’s sustainability story, check out the Human Understanding Lab’s latest report, The ‘S’ Word: A Brand’s Guide to Sustainability.

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