Human Understanding in B2B: podcast


Human Understanding in B2B: navigating the dark funnel through content marketing

With the drive to do more with less, and an ever-increasing focus on conversion, we’ve forgotten about what really matters to the buyer and how best to engage them. Please enter: the dark funnel. This latest episode of Lab Leaders welcomes Eoin Rodgers, Managing Partner of TMW Business, who outlines a new way of thinking for B2B marketers: one which enables the buyer to hold the sceptre of power for a change, in a new era where millennials and Gen Z’ers leading buying group.


We have become too focused on our own marketing goals and measurement and forgotten about the buyer and their needs. A little human understanding goes a long way and shows us that content marketing has become transactional and arguably cold. Allowing customers to engage with your expertise and value add on their terms means B2B marketing looks and feels more like a magnet than a cattle-prod.


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