Unlocking Data Innovation in PR




In this episode, Faye Hawkins is joined by Caroline Coventry, who is a Director at Nelson Bostock, and by Dr. Simon Collister a Director at Human Understanding Lab. Between them they’ve got 35 years background in everything to do with PR and comms, social creative, and of course the new world of data science, neuroscience, and behavioural science.


Throughout the conversation we discuss where PR meets data science and the world of opportunity that awaits. More specifically, how data-driven ways of informing creative and guiding execution in PR can be the future of effective, disruptive and human-led PR.


To get more insight into the world of neuroscience and how it can help you, contact Dr. Simon Collister at Simon.Collister@unlimitedgroup.com and for all things PR and comms contact Caroline Coventry at Caroline.Coventry@nelsonbostock.com. As always you can contact our host, Faye Hawkins at Faye.Hawkins@unlimitedgroup.com.