Lean in to LUCA – democratising access to digital insights


Lean in to LUCA – democratising access to digital insights


Developed as a string to UNLIMITED’s Human Understanding Lab’s bow, LUCA caters for the need for brands dive deep into emotional context, collecting insights quickly and efficiently to support fast decision-making and responsiveness to market opportunity.


Our guest this week is John Cunningham, Group Chief Technology Officer at UNLIMITED, and in our chat, we discuss the uses of LUCA and how it can boost your campaigns. Being AI-powered, this service reduces the requirement for teams to research, gather, combine and analyse digital data to deliver useful human insights back into the business. We also talk about using LUCA’s Cultural Analysis, Video Movement Analysis and Influencer Mapping tool to speed up access to deep human insights.


Get more information on LUCA platform for digital insights: www.unlimitedgroup.com/humanunderstandinglab


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