Journey Orchestration: Podcast


Journey Orchestration: the next step in evolving the customer journey


It’s not just about the end game, it is about the journey. Never has a truer word been said about the importance of the customer journey.

In practice, creating the customer journey starts small; you collect data points, define the journey that you want to focus on, make the data available and ensure the channels are ready for your journey.

This week, host Faye Hawkins sits down with Darryl Delacroix, Partner at Navigate and Ian Bobbett, Chief Analytics Officer at Realise UNLIMITED to talk about all things data and the customer-centric recipe for success. We discuss how the journey is all about identifying clients’ needs and objectives of they want to deliver, what do they have to work with ‘today’, what are the barriers and ultimately come up with a road map of what they need to do to deliver that analysis.


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