Transforming the Digital Experience in Health: Podcast


Transforming the digital experience in health: the new opportunities for digital experiences


It’s been a year of change for many industries, but none more than health. The roll out of COVID-related apps has come thick and fast, but when dealing with the health of millions there’s pressure to deliver a class-leading experience without any errors.


Our Lab Leader today is Ben Ireland, our Chief Experience Officer, who is responsible for the delivery of digital experiences across our client base. Ben has been doing this for over 30 years, so knows a thing or two about translating human understanding into digital experiences that actually work.


In this episode, we discuss the trends and opportunities for health in digital, how we can improve processes for a better digital experience and how we can approach the human understanding element in all of this.


To get in touch with Ben or Faye about anything discussed in this episode, drop them an email at or