Sober and Sensory: Podcast


Sober and Sensory: a sensory taste test and scientific review of low/no alcohol beer brands


“Free from” alternatives have taken the market by storm across many categories. One of the most dear to the British consumer is  alcohol, where there are many players looking to compete for a share of the market. From big players like Budweiser and Heineken, to indie and craft equivalents. But there are many challenges for brands looking to create a standout, tasty product that ticks all the boxes for expectant consumers, especially from a sensory perspective.


Should brands be replicating flavours or carving a whole new space for these products? How do brands create flavours and experiences that meet the expectations of products in this industry?


Dr. Debbie Parker, Head of Sensory at Walnut Unlimited, shares her thoughts as she joins Faye Hawkins for a taste test of some leading no/lo alcohol beers on the market. We explore the in’s and out’s of sensory science, the taste and scent blueprints of these beers as they emerge in a live tasting from a sensory perspective, whilst also exploring the landscape of no/lo alcohol beers in general.


To learn more about sensory science speak to Debbie Parker at and as ever you can contact our host, Faye Hawkins, Chief Revenue Officer at UNLIMITED at