VOXI Customer Retention Techniques to Keep Gen Z

Reinventing customer loyalty for a Gen Z audience with Vodafone

VOXI is Vodafone’s younger, slightly cooler sibling. It’s a mobile network geared towards a Gen Z audience, offering endless social media with a flexible 30-day contract. Which means, you’re free to leave the network every 30 days. Our challenge was to deepen that emotional attachment with the brand to keep customers month on month. We had to rip up the rulebook of customer loyalty to keep our promiscuous youth audience engaged and in the game. So, we created VOXI Drop.


Social Impressions between April – October 2021


Codes Given Away between January – October 2021


Drops Taken Place Since Inception


Using social to drive hype

We borrowed from the lexicon of streetwear brands that use social media to drive hype around their latest fashion ‘drops’. In a similar way, we created buzz and cult appeal through limited releases and exclusive offers tailored to this younger audience.

Each month, we ‘drop’ a different freebie or treat from a relevant brand. We use Instagram stories to tease each monthly giveaway and encourage customers to keep an eye on their inbox.

VOXI Drop represents a new take on customer loyalty: using a unique blend of social and CRM to not only drive hype and create a sense of community, but also to maximise open rates and clicks when the ‘Drop’ lands.