Bringing ‘Help For Households’​ to life for the Cabinet Office​

Shining a light on cost-of-living with human-first creative


Thanks to landing a coveted place on the government roster, UNLIMITED has been supporting many government departments in a wide array of projects. On top of this, we’re the go-to agency for the Cabinet Office, meaning that, to date, we’ve had the privilege of delivering campaigns that have tapped into our full gamut of capabilities.​

In the autumn, we launched the ‘Help for Households’ campaign as part of our remit with the Cabinet Office. With the rising cost-of-living and winter bringing increased energy bills, the government sought to deliver a dispatch to the whole country, making them aware of the additional support available. So, how did we do it?

Faced with an awareness that such a sensitive and important message needed to be driven by an acute understanding of human needs, feelings and motivations, we worked alongside our experts from the Human Understanding Lab to put the human at the core of creative development.


An insight-driven campaign that nails the key message

First off, we turned to the Human Understanding Lab’s implicit testing capability to guide us. Namely, we used a neuroscientific technique called Reaction Time Testing to get to the bottom of what people truly feel rather than what they say, helping us figure out how to communicate with our audiences. The responses were clear: this needed to be a straightforward and direct message, delivered cleanly and simply.

Off the back of this, we developed three strategic propositions and tested these further using the same implicit tools.​ Our aim? To understand which would be better suited at an emotional level to deliver this crucial communication to the country.

After the highest performing proposition was identified, we crafted creative stimuli which were further tested using focus groups to ensure a winning campaign route.

To bring the campaign to life, we developed TV and radio scripts, digital out-of-home posters, and display assets. ​

The result? A simple, clean, and easily recognisable campaign that resonates with audiences and nails the key message, owing to the deeper human understanding at its core. Our work has been creating the desired impact for awareness and action, with the Cabinet office having seen weighty increases in comprehension of energy bill support and additional government help from the public.

Following the success of the ‘Help for Households’ launch, we were also entrusted with the brief for another crucial activation: the Energy Saving Tips campaign. Live throughout winter to educate and inform when energy bills were skyrocketing, we implemented this campaign in just three weeks, covering 100+ deliverables across 16 media channels – from TV & radio to digital display, social media and major national press publications.