Building relationships at scale with Vodafone

Using insight to fight the churn

When we started working with our long-standing client Vodafone, we analysed whether their Net Promoter Score (NPS) had any relationship to their customer value. Turns out it did. Every percentage point increase in NPS leads to more value for Vodafone.

But in 2015 we had a serious problem on our hands. Customers were unhappy about unexpected charges, they had issues with the network and customer service, and they didn’t feel they were getting value for money. NPS was at an all-time-low and churn was at an all-time high.

We started by revamping Vodafone’s 1-2-1 customer engagement programme and turned things around – creating tangible business results…


Overall Improvement in NPS Scores


Campaigns Supported with Personalised Videos


“Best Network for Loyalty and Retention”
Mobile Industry Award


Personalising campaigns to increase retention

The re-vamp used call data to identify early life pain points, which we addressed through a series of email communications and simple how-to videos. The open rates of these emails well surpassed industry averages and inbound calls to the call centre drastically reduced.

Next, we began applying smarter use of personalisation, and reimagined email templates to utilise more engaging GIF-style animations and deliver bespoke videos to our customers.

Since 2019, our personalised customer videos have run alongside all major campaigns and product launches. For the launch of iPhone 12 we created a possible combination of 148 dynamic variables which, through machine algorithms, created almost 2 million different videos – making every upgrade feel highly tailored to every single customer.

By delivering delightful communications that are relevant, timely and personalised we have built brand love, driving a 15% uplift in NPS, grown revenue and reduced churn, and all that with a positive ROI.