Reshaping the way care is delivered in the UK for Cera Care

Award-winning tech to revolutionise an industry

Transforming the landscape of digital social care

Cera is a digital healthcare company that uses technology to match elderly patients and families with carers, aiming to create a digital doorway to the over 65s and curate services with partners to help them live more independently. Realising the acute need to better connect patients and carers, Splendid UNLIMITED worked with Cera to help bring about a new age for the otherwise outdated social care sector through designing, developing and delivering an innovative new app.

Launched at the end of November, 2019 the app works for families of patients and for carers by enabling immediate communication, monitoring and reporting on status, care practices, and patient needs. It’s now been introduced to Cera’s 19 branches and since the launch of the app, the time it takes for reports to be completed has reduced from 20 days to 6.7 hours.

More recently, Cera and the Department of Health and Social Care have joined forces to create a ‘fast-track online social care recruitment platform’ – Join Social Care. The platform connects social care jobseekers with care providers. As well as being of critical value during COVID-19, this work with Cera was also honoured for ‘Best Apps, Mobile, and Voice: Health, Fitness & Lifestyle’ in the 24th Annual Webby Awards.


Reduced Reporting Time


Webby Award-Winning Technology


New Jobs Created Through Matching


Delivering innovation in real-time

Splendid are working closely with teams at Cera to deliver their innovative healthcare app. The Cera app allows carers to check-in, check-out, locate a service users’ home and record a visit report. For family members or other professionals, it gives them direct access to this care information in real time. It also means branch teams receive and process all the information from the app as it comes in, to help identify risks of health deterioration as early as possible.

Carer’s schedules, shift swaps and patient records are all handled through the carer app. The app even gives carers estimated times to destinations as well as allowing them to check-in to inform family members that the carer is on-site. As well as accurate, timely and informative care including visit reports, families can request that specific needs of the patient are met by the carer. Requests go direct to the carer in real time. A truly innovative transformation for the digital landscape of the social care sector.