Driving digital innovation for BMW

Ramping remote customer engagement through lockdown

Maximising BMW’s digital retailer experience

BMW wanted to better support its Retailers in the UK & Ireland to increase test drive conversion – the biggest influencer on car sales – even through the challenges of lockdown when dealership forecourts were closed.

We focused on a digital-first solution to change the way customers, retailers and the brand interact online. We designed a new digital experience, built around the business KPI for test driven conversion, that made it simple for customers to connect with their local dealer and choose the make, model and time for their personal ‘Real Time Test Drive’.

We delivered this innovative new tool as part of an updated, fit-for-purpose retailer marketing platform, giving BMW central management and the ability to adapt quickly to fast-changing consumer environment, through a roll-out across its 147-strong retailer network’s digital real-estate.


Increase in Test Drive Bookings


Growth in Inbound Web Enquiries


Increase in Real-Time Test Drive Completion


Flexible design and value-focused digital

Using our Digital Made Human™ framework we went back to the basics of what value did the platform need to deliver for customers and the business. We worked with the BMW team to understand both performance and brand metrics to define how the new retailer experience platform would meet business KPIs.

We defined the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) delivery, to ensure value to BMW began on day 1. We introduced a flexible platform (using headless CMS, a blend of off-the-shelf and bespoke technologies) that allowed us to take in multiple feeds and functionality, including our Real Time Test Drive tool.

Our creative team devised a flexible design around the new BMW corporate identity, enabling us to efficiently deliver the Mini retailer digital experience on the same platform, whilst retaining its own brand character.

“The new Retail Digital Sales Platform is game-changing in our ability to respond quickly and support our retailers with new marketing and sales support, ensuring we optimise the digital and physical retailer journey at every touchpoint.”

Claire Ford | Digital Marketing Manager