Changing behaviours and increasing market share with one of Britains' best loved baby brands

For 18 years, we have worked with Danone Early Life Nutrition, helping them establish market-leading positions for their portfolio of formula brands in over 30 international markets across EMEA and South America. We have helped Danone grow their market share from 30% to over 75%, moving the organisation away from a product-centric mindset to a customer-first digital marketing approach that engages expectant mums and dads in a rich, insight driven way.

Part of Danone’s ambition was to move away from being a product based manufacturer and become a trusted counsel to parents, and in particular mums. Part of this programme involved an education work stream and working with Aptamil to help develop a more meaningful relationship with expectant mums. This brings us to the Aptamil ‘Active for 2’ campaign.  This multi-channel campaign used key influencers to help dispel the myths around exercising during pregnancy and engaged over five millions mums to be more active.

We’ve also won awards for our approach to community management for Danone. We identified a team of highly committed women in the military, who are able to work in shifts around the clock. These women have given up successful careers and their peripatetic lifestyles mean that they often find it difficult to find suitable employment – which gave us a wonderful opportunity to support mothers back into the workforce after a break, and employ people with the right skillset, drive and attention to detail. We put into place the operational structures and processes that meant that they could work remotely from any corner of the world, allowing them the flexibility to maintain the role wherever their posting. The created our 24/7 support system for Danone.




return on investment on digital and cRM programmes


improvement on retention rates for follow-on formula


of new mums is the percentage our campaigns reached and as high as 80% in some markets