Making filing your taxes fun through progressive digital thinking


Swiss tax returns are notoriously complicated, lengthy and expensive to complete. Each of the 26 Swiss cantons has its own tax regime, rules and forms. In fact, the process of filing taxes in Switzerland is fundamentally broken. Recognising an opportunity for reform, we worked with Taxly to help solve this and enable users in Switzerland to submit tax returns in all the 26 cantons for a fraction of the price and time.

Splendid began working with Taxly in August 2019 to assist them with scaling-up a design and development team for a tax filing application aimed at Swiss Generation Z and Millennial users. Five million employees in Switzerland have three options each year to file their taxes. Instead, Taxly encompasses a digital assistant asking simple, personalised questions and in just 5 minutes Taxly’s AI TaxBot will digitally file and optimize an individual’s taxes 10x faster than any human tax advisor or traditional tax filing software.

Submitting directly with Taxly costs just CHF 49 for complex cases, that’s 15x cheaper than the average real-life tax advisor. The platform also has B2B and B2C capabilities. The B2C platform will act as the acquisition method for customers whilst B2B platform will enable partnering with 3rd parties, generating a wealth of opportunity and growth for the business.