Lynx - Bigger Issues

Transform Lynx from 'get the girl' to modern brand that resonates with the modern man.


Understand the make-up of a modern man.


Speak to real people about real issues in real time.

The Challenge

As a brand for young men, we decided to raise awareness of an issue that affects them – male suicide. Incredibly, suicide is the single biggest killer of young men in the UK under the age of 45. It’s a hugely complex issue that required maturity to tackle, so we forged a collaboration with the suicide prevention charity CALM to develop a campaign to get people talking about it.

The Solution

Our big idea was to use real time social listening to spotlight the comparably trivial things guys are happy to talk about more than male suicide. Using social media, digital banners and live digital OOH, we drew in live trending subjects and used provocative messaging to get people talking about the issue. We partnered with influencers to create content with an effective call to arms for people to spread the word. A microsite was created as a place to find out more and lend your voice to change.

The Work

The Results

Over 10 million people saw the campaign worldwide which led to the first ever parliamentary debate on the issue. Visits to the CALM website dramatically increased, with awareness of male suicide rising 45% in the UK.

The campaign has won multiple industry awards include Cannes Lions, D&AD Impact, Digital Impact and Social Buzz Awards.


saw the campaign globally


increase in male suicide awareness

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