Kinder Bueno - Adulting

Positioning Kinder Bueno as the ultimate adulting reward, giving it a fresh new relevance amongst its target audience.


Using social listening to identify adulting triumphs.


Building relevance and connection through shared moments of recognition.

The Challenge

Kinder Bueno is often mistaken for a kids’ treat, so we were tasked to make Kinder Bueno more relevant to women aged 20-something.

The Solution

For our target audience, adjusting to adult life can be challenging, from remembering to buy loo roll, to switching energy providers, as reflected on social media with the popular hashtag #adulting. We positioned Kinder Bueno as the ultimate adulting reward. Via social listening, research and testing we pinpointed the hottest adulting triumphs of this age group and teamed up with comedian and musical mastermind Brett Domino to create a catchy ‘adulting’ anthem.

To create further conversation, we partnered with influencers and challenged them to “The Adulting Quiz”. Given our audience were highly engaged, we ensured we were reactive on social, aiding them with their troublesome adulting issues and rewarding them with delicious Kinder Bueno.

The Work

The Results

Our audience shared and commented in their thousands. Generating over 35 million views in total, the content reached 66% of the population within our selected demographic. People were definitely interested in what Bueno had to say, with a 96% watch through rate that totals nearly 4.4 years of viewing. Not only were people watching, but the campaign was resonating, with a 4.4% lift in brand awareness.


views generated


years of viewing


of target audience reached

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