Gilead - HIV The Long View

Reigniting the conversation to accelerate actions to better meet the long term needs of people living with HIV and issues associated with aging.


Understand how future consumer trends and advances in health and well-being are expected to impact the aging HIV community.


Define evidence-based priorities for long-term health and aging with HIV and inspire accelerated actions to better ensure everyone living with HIV live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

The Challenge

Advances in treatment have made healthier aging possible for people living with HIV. Now, for the first time, survivors of the original epidemic are reaching their senior years while dealing with the combined challenges of long-term infection and treatment and the development of natural age-related conditions. At the same time, treatment advances have led to a decline in urgency and worry about HIV among younger at-risk populations. As the leading provider of HIV treatments worldwide, Gilead Sciences recognised the need to reinvigorate the dialogue around quality of life and long-term healthier living with HIV.

The Solution

In collaboration with Gilead Sciences, we convened a diverse group of individuals and organizations in the U.S. and E.U., representing the communities most heavily impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic to form HIV: The Long View Coalition.  It commissioned consumer research to forecast the future of U.S. and E.U. healthcare for the next 20 years and understand how future advances and challenges will impact the HIV community. The Coalition drew on its collective experiences and future trend data to identify actions needed to support long-term healthy living with HIV. Advocacy efforts are underway to ensure healthcare providers, professional societies, patient advocates, policymakers and any other groups that can have an impact promote healthy living and encourage proactive choices by those at risk and living with HIV.

The Work

The Results

  • HIV: The Long View Coalition published reports that defined evidenced-based priorities and accelerated actions to better ensure everyone living with HIV live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.
  • Multi-dimensional advocacy platforms are increasing the urgency and elevating the conversation about long-term healthier living with HIV via websites, media dialogue and educational outreach.
  • “Never Alone” showcases inspirational stories told by long-term HIV survivors at national live speaking events and a video series on the Coalition and member websites and social media channels.

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