Ambius Premium Scenting - The Power of Scent

Leveraging the power of scent to build brand content.


Use neuroscience to understand the power of scent.


Translate the science into impactful insight and brand content.

The Challenge

No other human sense is so closely linked to memory and emotion as that of smell. However, in the world of retail the sense of vision dominates – but exactly what is the impact of scenting for retail brands? Working with Ambius Premium Scenting, we worked to uncover the power of scent and help the client build a compelling story for clients.

The Solution

Going beyond rational responses of claimed liking, we used neuroscience techniques to understand the unconscious emotional reaction to scented virtual reality experiences.  This approach would not only gain the deepest insights but also create unique and engaging content for the brand to use with its customers and at events.

The Work

The Results

Through this research we were able to show unique insights about the power of scent that would not have been possible without neuroscience. From this we saw how scent affects the experience and how retailers could use it to enhance their multisensory experience.

“Working with the Unlimited team has helped us get to the heart of understanding the impact of scenting in consumer experiences. Not only did this help us create great thought leadership content for our communications and events, it gave us the scientific evidence we needed to really show the power of scent to our customers.”

Amanda Jackson, Global Category Marketing Manager, Premium Scenting and Ambius

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