Abbott - FreeStyle Libre

Introducing a life-changing technology designed to remove the pain of routine finger pricking for people with diabetes.


Introduce a new technology that allows patients to check freely their glucose levels anytime, anywhere with no finger pricking.


Empower patients to easily manage their diabetes and gain the freedom to get on with their lives.

The Challenge

Finger pricking hurts. For most of the 347 million people with diabetes, this is a painful and unavoidable way to monitor their blood glucose –10 times or more –everyday. The FreeStyle Libre is a breakthrough technology designed to eliminate the need for routine finger prick testing, change how people monitor their glucose levels and ultimately help them achieve better health outcomes. We were tasked with introducing this technology to mass consumers. The initial objective was to introduce the functional aspects and show how the device works with a simple scan.

The Solution

Through qualitative research with existing users, we discovered a subtle, but potent insight. FreeStyle Libre was not just about the ease and convenience of managing diabetes – it was about maximising the things users love thanks to the less intrusive nature of the product. It placed life back on their terms.

By redefining the objective, we could redefine the opportunity. To prime the market before the launch, we shared online documentaries with Freestyle Libre system beta testers in 7 European countries. That was followed up with a TV campaign that creatively demonstrated the product. By specifically only casting actors with diabetes, we were able to extend the highly engaging and emotionally captivating message. The behind-the-scenes shows the actors talking genuinely about the liberating effects of the product; which helped them feel more normal and less stigmatised by the condition.

The Work

The Results

The pre-launch documentaries helped generate 50,000 pre-orders of the device while the actual product and TV commercial brought about a dramatic response, particularly on social media channels where a community built, conversation flowed and pre-orders followed. The global rollout of the TV commercial reached every continent, with over 55 countries around the globe unanimously using the campaign assets to promote the product. The FreeStyle Libre technology was also shortlisted in the 2016 Cannes Lions Innovation category.


users posted their testimonials onto the official UK website in the first three months of release of the campaign


pre-orders of the device generated by pre-launch documentaries

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