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FreeStyle Libre


Diabetes treatment has seen a quiet revolution in recent years through the introduction of the FreeStyle Libre Sensor. We made it a bit louder through our awareness-raising campaign.

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Bigger than suicide


Revealing Lynx’s mature side with a campaign that got people talking about male suicide – the biggest killer of men in the UK.

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Unleash the chaos (Bad Barista)


Choosing drug brands is not a common habit in the UK. To empower patients to ask for the right medicine for them, we launched this analogous campaign for TEVA UK. It also happened to pick up two Cannes Lions.

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Bring Back Merry

House of Fraser

In the competitive Christmas space, House of Fraser stood out with this unapologetic call to bring the merry back to Christmas, raising brand awareness and driving footfall to the department store this festive period.

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March For Giants

“March for Giants” raised awareness of (and much needed funds for) the plight of elephants. It was the international winner of the Ocean Outdoor 2016 digital competition, creating astonishing and unpredicted outcomes powered by people and brands.

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Arrive Awesome

Virgin Trains

We helped Virgin Trains take on their biggest competitor: cars. Together, we blazed a red-hot trail through the mediocre world of UK rail travel, marrying new technical and data capabilities with strong creativity.

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