Unlimited Group launches in-house offering Unlimited+ © focusing on 3 core services



1 March 2019

Unlimited Group is today launching its in-housing offering, Unlimited+©.  Supported with a new infrastructure, Unlimited+© is a formalisation of the Unlimited Group’s in-house agency offering. Born out of first-hand experience and proven success following the implementation of different delivery models over the past three years, the offering includes:

  • Digital Inside – Aligning organisations around a new vision for digital services, creating the infrastructure to deliver this and upskill teams so they can continue the end-to-end implementation of new platforms.
  • Ideas Inside – Strategic and creative teams on-site, working exclusively for clients across projects and strategic business initiatives. Both B2B and B2C.
  • Content Inside – High-volume content and design services, with a ‘direct-to-maker’ structure for client teams.

Having worked with clients including HSBC, Ford, Marks & Spencer, Shell and Sony Mobile, Unlimited Group and their clients have seen the benefit of having agency teams embedded within a client organisation for long periods of time. Focusing on three core services; digital transformation, creative and content, Unlimited+© will achieve:

  • Closer collaboration on strategic objectives and frameworks
  • Greater operational control and breaking down of internal silos to unlock productivity
  • More effective brand guardianship
  • Greater depth of business and operational knowledge
  • Reduced costs and better operational efficiencies

The new offering and infrastructure will enable Unlimited Group to create bespoke solutions that are specific to individual client requirements. There are 750 marketing practitioners in the group’s Soho headquarters which will allow the agency to scale up and down nimbly and effectively, as well as offer clients access to always-on measurement and evaluation. In addition to these employees, the group has access to a broader talent network that can support across the differing Unlimited+© offerings.

Unlimited Group’s CEO, Michael Richards comments: “The agency game has changed demonstrably, and we need to evolve our operations to reflect this. Not because of the commoditisation of our skill sets, but to avoid this happening. In-housing isn’t about parachuting in on-site quick fixes and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Technology and client demands are changing with an increasing need for ‘always-on’ resourcing; Unlimited+©  gives us the ability to develop a closer, more integrated approach with specialists embedded in client organisations.”

The launch of Unlimited+© follows hot on the heels of the launch of Catalyst©, Unlimited Group’s planning process which combines a data-led approach using neuroscience to provide Unlimited Possibilities and accelerate client growth.


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