Introducing Catalyst



25 January 2019

Unlimited Group has been through a time of great change recently. Our restructure has enabled us to make a more agile, responsive and accountable offering, and we continue to grow and develop, creating Unlimited Possibilities for our clients. This week sees us further our limitless ambitions with the introduction of our new Group wide, step-by-step planning methodology; Catalyst.

In today’s environment, brands need robust, data-led solutions that are not only grounded in insight, but that can stand up to the industry they play in and drive growth. Whatever the challenge, Catalyst will enable us to solve it and provide revolutionary solutions for our clients,

Catalyst combines our data-led approach with neuroscience to accelerate growth, the effectiveness of which will be thoroughly tested through advanced analytics, quant and qualitative research. It will be put into practice through unexpected thinking, creativity and innovation across our diverse collection of agencies through the following key steps:

  • Growth Potential – a deep and solid understanding of individual business challenges and the wider sector our clients sit within
  • Human Understanding – identification of real human opportunities for growth and the impact they have
  • Momentum Mapping – uncovering the true motivations behind decision making to identify transformation opportunities
  • Unlimited Creativity – turning ‘Catalyst Sparks’ into compelling results
  • Idea Activation – through our cutting-edge in-house units

The results? We uncover the best route to success to deliver maximum impact for our clients and provide them with unlimited Possibilities to succeed.


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