"Not Another Agency Model" by Tina Fegent



30 October 2018

Another day another agency model.  It is one of the topics of the year with both clients and agencies working and developing organisation structural models that fit today’s market and client’s needs. Clients are often being the architects and sometimes mediators in their new agency models, where they perhaps could have put competing agencies together onsite to work collaboratively for them. Agencies are ditching names which have a historic reputation. They want to put in place a more appropriate structure that they feel their clients are looking for.

As a buyer I welcome every new model. It is about choice, innovation, technology, people, agility, transparency and ultimately doing the best work for the best clients with the best and most motivated staff. The first step in any procurement process is to consider whether you ‘Make’ or ‘Buy’ to meet the requirements. Too often I feel that stakeholders want to skip this stage and go straight for the buy e.g. finding an agency that can do this.  Clients want choices.  Innovation and change is a constant in the marketing industry; finally this is being applied to the supply market.

I drafted my list on LinkedIn of what agency models I knew about 4 weeks ago and it came to 15 different models.  The response I got from contacts was amazing and I am now working with The Drum to turn it into an Infographic. Surprisingly the model number is now at 20 as I have been made aware of some other interesting models.

Agencies that embrace the change and have the flexibility within an agreed framework to build what is really a bespoke model for each client will be the winners.  Those who ask their clients what their requirements are and structure their agency accordingly will be the agencies that clients want to work with.

Tina Fegent has an unique background having worked for both clients and agencies and was one of the first globally to get involved in Marketing Procurement.

She established and built many of the first Marketing Procurement teams for O2, GSK and Orange & France Telecom. She then joined the agency side and was Commercial Director at both Grey Advertising and Lowe London. Enabling her to have the unique experience of being on both the client and supplier sides of the table.
In 2006 she set up Tina Fegent Consulting to offer a procurement consultancy service to clients.
She has chaired the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Specialist Knowledge Group on Marketing Purchasing since its inception in 2006, and was a key contributor to the Magic and Logic initiative. She was a Women in Marketing Award Winner 2013/14 – Best Female Marketer: Independent Consultant.

Twitter: @tinafegent




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