About us

We are an award-winning, digital agency group who help clients grow their top line, win and retain customers, change behaviour, transform their business digitally and stay ahead of the competition. Through our unique planning process, Catalyst ©, we use a data-led approach combining human understanding with art and science to find the best way to accelerate growth for clients. We deploy unexpected thinking, creativity and innovation across our diverse collection of advertising, PR, media, content, CRM and digital transformation specialists before evaluating the effectiveness through advanced analytics, quant and qualitative research.


The results? We uncover the best route to success to deliver maximum impact for our clients and provide them with Unlimited Possibilities to succeed.

Areas of Expertise

Our lead agencies (TMW Unlimited, Fever Unlimited, Splendid Unlimited, Walnut Unlimited, Nelson Bostock Unlimited, Health Unlimited and Prophecy Unlimited) provide the following expertise that clients can access collectively through the Unlimited Group or the agencies directly. Many clients come to us with their business challenges and we answer with a channel agnostic lens, building the best team to deliver that solution with Unlimited Possibilities.

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