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Things Unlimited

Real-world experiences, captured digitally and shared socially

At Things Unlimited we have three core beliefs:-

  1. An idea has to be shared to be great
  2. Technology should make things better
  3. Creating with others is fun

These beliefs underpin our ideology and inform our approach to any brief, causing us to seek solutions that will be universally shared, technologically-informed and enhanced by co-creation with the right influence and partners.

Our agency is a partnership between two well-established (and award-winning) agency groups; TMW Unlimited and Nelson Bostock Unlimited.  Because of this, we bring together what's needed from across 300 people working in PR, technology, digital and social.  We've got depth to our skills but also speed.  Essentially, this means you get a handpicked team that's made to measure for your brief, geared towards doing what's really going to work.

We're offering a real alternative.  Brands no longer need to draw a distinction between digital, PR and social agencies - we can help solve that problem for them.

Principal staff

Susie Clark - Managing Director


  • Influencer engagement
  • Co-Creation
  • Community Management
  • Brand Matchmaking
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Build
  • PR
  • Experiential
  • SEO
  • Biddable Media
  • Social Listening
  • Data Analytics


Susie Clark

+44 (0)20 7985 1102

things-unlimited.com/ @thingsunltd